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18th June 2024: Lloyd’s List Intelligence Launches Seasearcher Trade Risk For Trade Finance Professionals

Image of a container ship in the sea

Lloyd’s List Intelligence has bolstered its risk & compliance suite with the launch of Seasearcher Trade Risk, part of Risk Evaluation for Trade Finance Solution, a significant move that will enable financial institutions to exercise greater and more efficient due diligence in the ongoing battle to prevent trade fraud.

Incorporating fast and accurate dual-use goods screening and the detection of over or under invoicing of goods, Seasearcher Trade Risk has been designed for trade finance professionals to streamline and enhance their screening processes, and ultimately mitigate trade-based money laundering risk within transactions.

Responding to a market problem

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has estimated that fraudulent transactions within the global trade financing market contribute to around $5 billion per year in total business disruption. International organisations including the EU have highlighted the need to exercise greater due diligence and use more sophisticated methods to combat the threat  of trade fraud, particularly as bad actors are finding increasingly complex ways to hide their activities.

Seasearcher Trade Risk responds to the above challenges. Among its many capabilities it will enable trade finance professionals to:

  • Screen a maximum of 5 goods per transaction, valuable time saved on each shipment check
  • Input prices from trade documents to view up to 12 historical fluctuations, and detect over or under invoicing of goods that could indicate fraud
  • Access trade data from all countries and HS codes up to 6 digits
  • Verify shipment descriptions to uncover dual-use goods risk
  • Access 21 export control lists, containing over 4,800 restricted items
  • Check if the vessel is appropriate for the goods types
  • Be alerted when similar historical trade routes for the cargo screened cannot be detected
  • Download reports to ensure evidence is collected for audit trail requirements

Rosanna Boyle, Head of Product Strategy, Lloyd's List Intelligence: "I am thrilled to introduce Seasearcher Trade Risk, a comprehensive solution to safeguard financial institutions against trade-based money laundering. By integrating advanced screening tools, including Dual Use Goods Check and Price Verification, it enhances due diligence and ensures compliance with international regulations, protecting the global trade environment from fraud."

30th May, 2024: Lloyd’s List Intelligence and the Lloyd’s Agency Network confirm another decade of collaboration

LAN partnership

Lloyd’s List intelligence, a pioneering provider of data, insights and analytics to the global maritime industry, and the Lloyd’s Agency Network, the world’s most extensive marine surveying, claims, and recovery handling network, part of the Corporation of Lloyd’s, are delighted to announce the continuation of their exclusive partnership for the next decade and beyond.

This partnership gives Lloyd’s List Intelligence access to over 250 Lloyd’s Agents and a further 300 sub-agents in 170 countries, who host, maintain, and continue to expand Lloyd’s List Intelligence’s extensive and proprietary terrestrial Automatic Identification System (AIS) network in a majority of the world’s trading ports and in strategic locations where other providers do not have access. Agents provide validated vessel sightings of ships in ports even when AIS is unavailable or switched off in cases of spoofing or vessel arrests.

The reliability of Lloyd’s Agents is what ensures market-leading 95%+ uptime of Lloyd’s List Intelligence’s terrestrial AIS network and the most granular port call data in the market. Combined with industry leading AI-powered analytics, this partnership provides the insight needed to detect AIS spoofing and other deceptive shipping practices.

On-the-ground Lloyd’s agents and sub-agents report marine casualties exclusively to Lloyd’s List Intelligence when they occur, like the grounding of the Ever Given, and add a critical additional layer of human intelligence to port conditions, supply chain monitoring, and validated vessel positions data. This means Lloyd’s List Intelligence customers have access to data and human insight unavailable elsewhere.

Lloyd’s List Intelligence support the Lloyd’s insurance market by reporting all marine casualties confirmed as total losses to Lloyd’s, which are captured in the Lloyd’s Loss Book.

Parvin Conners, Chief Operating Officer of Lloyd’s List Intelligence, says, “We are delighted to be re-cementing our partnership with the Lloyd’s Agency Network. Our shared values of transparency and accuracy form the foundation of our relationship, ensuring the maritime community and all professionals connected to the maritime industry get the insight they need to face emerging threats, support safe and lawful maritime trade, and take advantage of new opportunities.”

David Lawrence, Head of Global Marine Services & Broker Oversight, of Lloyd’s, says: “Lloyd’s is proud to extend our partnership with Lloyd’s List Intelligence for a further 10 years and in doing so continue to capture local insights through our agents on the ground, fostering an important partnership that provides vital data, insights and analytics to the global maritime industry.”

Learn more about the how Lloyd’s List Intelligence’s agreement with the Lloyd’s Agency Network benefits our customers here.

For more information on Lloyd’s List Intelligence’s maritime intelligence solutions please request a call back.

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22nd February, 2024: Lloyd's List Intelligence announces data integration with Pulse, Sedna’s new AI-driven solution for charterers 


  • Sedna’s new product includes vessel data from Lloyd's List Intelligence
  • This data will allow charterer users to make more informed, confident fixture decisions

22 February 2024, London, UK - Sedna, a data-driven communication software company, and Lloyd's List Intelligence, the trusted source for maritime data and intelligence, have today announced a new partnership. 

The agreement facilitates the integration of Lloyd's List Intelligence’s industry-leading vessel tracking data into Sedna’s newest AI-driven solution, Pulse. This first version of Pulse is designed to help maritime chartering teams compare fixture opportunities more easily by providing vessel data and availability information in one place.

Charterers receive thousands of emails per day containing market data about future vessel availability. To successfully fix a ship, they need to analyse all the data contained in the emails, as well as consult several other data sources. This slows them down and makes it difficult to compare key information and take action on fixtures. This complicated process results in duplicated work and manual errors, leading to missed opportunities and reduced profitability.  

Pulse, a new AI-driven solution from Sedna, unlocks critical data that lives in the charterer’s inbox and turns it into easy to digest formats to drive competitive advantage. Pulse sits on top of an email inbox, extracting and consolidating data within emails into a single, customised view. This shortens the entire analysis process and allows charterers to find deals faster and generate more business. 

Available as an add-on feature, Pulse will display Lloyd's List Intelligence insights on live vessel AIS positions, vessel characteristics, ownership history, sanctions compliance analysis and other risk indicators - without needing to leave the app. 

The new partnership between Sedna and Lloyd's List Intelligence advances both the collaborative agenda of Sedna, who believes in an open partner ecosystem to further global trade’s digital transformation, and Lloyd's List Intelligence’s mission to bring bring clarity and transparency to seaborne trade, enabling customers to access key decision-making insights in their day-to-day work.

Commenting on this strategic partnership:

Michael Dell, CEO Lloyd's List Intelligence, said: “We are really pleased to be integrating with Sedna. The partnership showcases our commitment to reducing complexity and day to day friction for charterers, and we are aligned with Sedna’s goals to reduce operational inefficiency and mitigation of operational risks.” 

Bill Dobie, Founder & CEO of Sedna added: “Data is at the heart of shipping, and having seamless access to accurate, consistent and comprehensive information isn’t just needed for future industry success, but is desired for current business needs. We are thrilled to be partnering with Lloyd’s List Intelligence because connections to trusted data sources make us confident that Pulse will become a go-to solution for charterers, unlocking their competitive edge through data-driven decision making.”  


About Sedna
Sedna elevates global trade to unparalleled levels of profitability and excellence. By harnessing data-driven communication, Sedna facilitates efficient, responsive and competitive business in global trade, turning the tide towards streamlined communication and strategic insights. Across maritime, commodities and logistics & supply chain businesses, Sedna unlocks new avenues for profitability and operational excellence at the heart of the global economy. 

Discover more on our website and Linkedin.

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Phone: +447774335341

About Lloyd’s List Intelligence
Lloyd’s List Intelligence is the industry expert for maritime insight, data, and analytics trusted by more than 60,000 professionals across the globe to drive commercial advantage, evaluate risk, and support the efficient and lawful movement of seaborne trade.

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29th January, 2024: Vortexa CEO, Fabio Kuhn, welcomes partnership with Lloyd's List Intelligence CEO, Michael Dell


vortexa logolli-logo


London, UK, January 29, 2024 - Vortexa, the leading real-time global analytics platform for energy and freight markets and Lloyd's List Intelligence, the trusted source for maritime data and intelligence, announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration, marked by mutual data licensing agreements, lays the foundation for future product, market analysis, editorial and commercial collaborations between the two leading players in the industry.

Vortexa customers are set to benefit significantly from access to the world's most comprehensive terrestrial AIS network. Located strategically at the heart of ports, this network delivers unparalleled global coverage that is unobstructed and precise, setting it apart from the aggregation of large amateur AIS antennas. The integration of Lloyd's List Intelligence's industry-leading vessel characteristics datasets into Vortexa's analytics will robustly enhance its freight analytics offering, strengthening both existing data and future modeling capabilities.

Fabio Kuhn, CEO Vortexa: "This collaboration marks a significant moment for Vortexa and our customers. The addition of Lloyd's List Intelligence's terrestrial AIS network and vessel characteristics datasets elevates the precision and depth of our analytics, providing unparalleled insights into the energy and freight markets."

Lloyd's List Intelligence gains access to reliable and accurate cargo flow information and state of the art ship-to-ship transfer algorithms through Vortexa's market-leading cargo tracking analytics and will collaborate with Vortexa to enhance key workflows around cargo flow and risk evaluation.

Michael Dell, CEO Lloyd's List Intelligence: "We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Vortexa. This strategic partnership showcases the benefits of bringing connected customers and workflows together all in one place, whilst offering transparency around crucial cargo flow information for risk evaluation. This aligns with our mission to continually enhance value and precision for our customers.” 

The Vortexa and Lloyd's List Intelligence partnership brings together expertise, innovation and unparalleled insights. If you would like to discuss how Vortexa can support you, please get in touch here.


About Vortexa
Vortexa provides market-leading real-time data and advanced analytics for energy and freight markets. With the most accurate and complete picture of global flows, freight and inventories, Vortexa covers crude oil, refined products, LPG and LNG, across all vessel classes. We help traders, analysts and freight professionals gain a competitive edge into complex and opaque markets by making better trading decisions with confidence. Vortexa is a multidisciplinary force of over 120 employees combining the best of energy and freight expertise, data science and engineering across major hubs in London, Singapore, Houston, New York City, Geneva and the UAE. 

About Lloyd’s List Intelligence
Lloyd’s List Intelligence is the industry expert for maritime insight, data, and analytics trusted by more than 60,000 professionals across the globe to drive commercial advantage, evaluate risk, and support the efficient and lawful movement of seaborne trade.

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Lloyd’s List Intelligence Media Contact:

14th November, 2023: Lloyd’s List Intelligence data and analytics solutions recognised at the Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2023

Regulation Asia Awards_Annoucement Page Image

We are delighted to announce that Lloyd’s List Intelligence have been recognised at this year’s Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence – winning the Best TBML & Trade Compliance Solution category for our Seasearcher suite of data and analytics solutions

The Regulation Asia awards panel credited Lloyd’s List Intelligence for its reliability and technological expertise in the trade compliance space. The judges highlighted the high-quality, accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data used in screening, along with its predictive modelling and automated vessel monitoring capabilities, saying these help firms “move away from manual vessel monitoring” and “provide certainty on risk”.

Further to this win, Lloyd’s List Intelligence were Highly Commended in the Best Data Provider category in the Fraud & Financial Crime category for our suite of data solutions with the awards panel crediting our approach to ensure our data is high-quality, accurate and comprehensive, as well as our ability to empower institutions to conduct comprehensive due diligence and enhance risk management. “By ensuring accurate and complete data, Lloyd’s List Intelligence gives firms certainty on risk and helps them avoid possible penalties associated with AML and sanctions non-compliance,” remarked one judge on the awards panel.

The Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence recognises financial institutions, technology companies, legal and consulting firms, exchanges and other players that help ensure the highest regulatory compliance standards are upheld in the financial industry. Each year, senior industry practitioners serve on a judging panel to help assess and score each submission to determine the winning entrants.

For a full list of the Award 2023 winners, visit

2nd November, 2023: Lloyd’s List Intelligence Awarded ISO9001:2015, Building on Success of Industry-leading COACT Data Quality Framework

Announcement-PR_Press Release_ISO

Lloyd’s List Intelligence has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard for our Seasearcher solution and full suite of data and insights applications, following an independent, nine-month assessment by the British Standards Institution (BSI).  The qualification recognises our expertise in data quality, handling and security, evidenced through our proprietary, class-leading data quality framework, COACT. This governs how data is gathered, cleaned, enhanced and shared and ensures a rigorous focus on Consistency, Origin, Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness.

Launched in 1987, ISO 9001 is the world’s leading quality management standard, with over one million organisations in 178 countries certified. It provides an evidence-based framework to help companies optimise day-to-day operations and plan for growth, with a focus on customer needs and continuous improvement. 

Our ISO 9001 accreditation has been awarded by the BSI – the UK’s national standards body.  The standard investigates seven core aspects of business: customers, leadership, engagement, processes, improvement, evidence and relationships. Organisations achieving the standard must define their operations and demonstrate how essential functions, such as staff training, customer service and supply chain management, follow best practice. Measuring performance against quantifiable targets is a key requirement for ISO 9001, as is a thorough evaluation of risk. Companies also have to evaluate the threat posed by events such as staff shortages, equipment failures or rising costs, and have plans in place to mitigate them.  

ISO 9001’s emphasis on consistency and control is particularly relevant to Lloyd’s List Intelligence: our data is a keystone in a vast, complex and economically vital industry, so the accuracy, quality, completeness and timeliness of our information is fundamentally important. 

Parvin Conners, Chief Operating Officer said, “Following a rigorous nine-month long assessment we were delighted to be awarded ISO9001:2015 certification. As our COACT framework demonstrates, data quality is central to the purpose of Lloyd’s List Intelligence, and our suite of workflow solutions. This accreditation acknowledges the effort that goes into monitoring and maintaining this. It also demonstrates that our customers’ needs and interests are at the heart of our business, and that we have a world-class organisation dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service, data handling and security.

15 May 2023: Lloyd's List Intelligence partners with MonetaGo to authenticate key trade finance documents

MonetaGo Logo

Financial technology solutions provider MonetaGo has selected Lloyd’s List Intelligence as a data partner to strengthen its real-time interruption of fraudulent trade financing attempts through the authentication of key trade documents.

MonetaGo is the world’s leading provider of best-in-class fraud detection and prevention solutions for trade finance. Its Secure Financing system is the first third-party service available through Swift API, accessible to 11,000+ institutions worldwide on the Swift network.

Secure Financing enables banks, non-bank financial institutions, fintechs and trade finance funds to verify documents such as invoices, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and purchase orders, before deciding to finance them. The solution hashes relevant information from documents to create a unique fingerprint, which is compared in MonetaGo’s global registry to identify if the same document has been used in a prior financing.

The system also provides financiers with an additional layer of security against potential fraud attempts by verifying documents against trusted data sources to identify falsification or tampering.

Under the new partnership, MonetaGo will incorporate Lloyd’s List Intelligence’s trade and maritime data in the Secure Financing system, to provide Bill of Lading verification, container location and loading, vessel tracking and container movements for the entire voyage, including actual ports of load and discharge, vessels involved and transhipment points on route to destination.

“Lloyd’s List Intelligence is the industry leader in providing actionable insight into the global maritime industry, including the most complete near-time maritime data covering almost 90% coverage of global bill of lading issuances,” says Chas McNee, Strategic Partnership Manager at Lloyd’s List Intelligence. “Integrating our analytics into MonetaGo’s Secure Financing system furthers our mission to drive commercial advantage, evaluate risk, and support the efficient and lawful movement of seaborne trade.”

Financiers can now leverage Lloyd’s List Intelligence vessel information to authenticate and verify the underlying information when reviewing trade documents within the Secure Financing system, thereby mitigating the risk of forged documents being presented for financing.

“Working hand in hand with partners worldwide, we have made tremendous progress in the fight against trade finance fraud,” says Neil Shonhard, CEO of MonetaGo. “In collaboration with Lloyd’s List Intelligence, we are now further strengthening financiers’ visibility into the validity of transaction data submitted by borrowers, delivering on our goal of ensuring bad actors have nowhere to hide.”

4 August 2022: Montagu acquires Lloyd’s List Intelligence from Informa

Montagu Logo announcemet

Following our announcement in early August, we’re delighted now to have closed on our sale to Montagu, a leading mid-market private equity firm committed to finding and growing businesses that make the world work.

Montagu brings proven growth capabilities to help companies achieve their ambitions and unlock their full potential. Partnering with Montagu supports our continued delivery of innovative maritime analytics for customers, and we are confident of a bright and prosperous future under their ownership.


Aerial view of a large cargo ship at sea, highlighted by digital overlays with the text "Announcement" and the logo for Lloyd's List Intelligence at the bottom.

Lloyd’s List Intelligence have partnered with Dow Jones to bring fast and efficient dual use goods screening to its Seasearcher customers.

Export Control data from Dow Jones is now integrated with Seasearcher, allowing users to search across a number of lists all in one place to expose dual use goods risk, investigate export restrictions and bring to light potential links to financial crime.

Dual Use Goods screening data is delivered as an enhancement to the Seasearcher platform and will soon be made available via API.

In an increasingly pressurised market, professionals in maritime trade finance and other shipping sectors are under scrutiny to detect whether a shipment is carrying goods that have a potential dual use in armaments. They also need to check whether that shipment is licenced under regional or national regulations. Any possible connection to money laundering is another key concern.

Seasearcher Dual Use Goods will enable maritime compliance professionals to overcome these challenges. Its industry-wide benefits include:

  • A centralised view, saving compliance teams time when consulting multiple sources to detect dual use goods risk.
  • Verification of shipment descriptions as an addition to vessel screening workflows, enabling greater efficiency and transparency.
  • Elimination of inconsistent terminology within trade documentation.

8 August 2022: Lloyd’s List Intelligence Launches Predictive Fleet Analytics

Vessel at Dock with compass

  • Cut delays and costs with transformative maritime analytics
  • Predict destinations with up to 70% accuracy
  • Predict time of arrival to port within +/- 10 hours and time to berth within 1-2 hours 

27% of vessels fail to arrive within 24 hours of their published Estimated Time of Arrival. This lack of accurate AIS-based data puts pressure on ports, hampers logistics and pushes up costs. This could soon change, however, thanks to transformative new analytics from Lloyd’s List Intelligence, the maritime data experts, trusted by more than 60,000 professionals across the globe to power their decisions in operations, compliance, and risk management.

Predictive Fleet Analytics is the first ever ‘air traffic control’ for the world’s commercial shipping fleet. It combines near-real-time data collected from 3000 sources, resulting in over 327 million AIS vessel positions monthly across the global fleet. Specially designed advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning transform this unique data into accurate estimated times of arrival into port (ETA), arrival times at berth (ETB), and times of departure (ETD) for key active commercial vessels, along with current and future estimates of port congestion.

Lloyd’s List Intelligence are the first to bring ETBs and ETDs to market, and no other provider brings together a broader range of predicted, actionable insight.

Industry-wide problems

Currently, over a third (36%) of Automatic Identification System (AIS) messages are missing ETA data, while another 27% of vessels fail to arrive within a day of their published ETA. Even destination data is unreliable, with 63% of vessels publishing one port destination but ending up at another (source: Lloyd’s List Intelligence 2020 AIS message analysis).

A powerful solution, requested by customers

Destination and ETA data gaps represent one of the most severe business challenges to the supply chain – impacting the ability of businesses to work efficiently, effectively and profitably:

  • Financial losses: like demurrage charges, additional waiting and handling fees and invalid pricing
  • Damaged customer relationships: from delivery misjudgements, schedule changes and reassignments
  • Loss of sales: from a lack of visibility, reactive service delivery which have a negative impact on customer experience

Informed by over 100 customer and stakeholder interviews across companies and government organisations, Predictive Fleet Analytics has been built in response to these widespread industry challenges.

Delivered as API data and integrated into the Seasearcher platform, Predictive Fleet Analytics helps customers gain greater certainty around estimated destination, arrival, berthing, and departure times, along with port congestion status and waiting times. This greater level of insight is key to more efficient voyages and port operations and the optimal use of vessels, fuel, port facilities and services, and the teams that operate them all, resulting in time and cost savings.

With analytics powerhouse partner SAS, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, modelling and forecasting, Lloyd’s List Intelligence have developed this pioneering new method of calculating, predicting, and learning from vessel movements and behaviours in ways that were not possible before.

The AI and machine learning models predict destinations with an accuracy of 70%, ETA to port within +/- 10 hours, and ETB to within 1-2 hours, catering for key vessel types in the commercial fleet operating to both fixed and non-fixed schedules.

“Predictive Fleet Analytics allows our customers to let decisions on scheduling and routes be driven by the best quality data, so that shipping companies can save on resources and costs,” says Parvin Conners, Vice President of Product and Data for Lloyd’s List Intelligence. “This new level of prediction around destinations and arrivals helps ports to optimise their services and facilities and for maritime servicing businesses to run more smoothly. All of this is possible thanks to the strength of our data and analytics and how we use AI and machine learning.”

4 August 2022: Montagu acquires Lloyd’s List Intelligence from Informa

Montagu Logo announcemet

Leading private equity firm Montagu has announced an agreement to acquire Maritime Intelligence, commonly known as Lloyd’s List Intelligence, from Informa plc.

Lloyd’s List Intelligence is a leading provider of maritime data, insight and intelligence, widely used across the shipping ecosystem, extending to the finance, legal, academic, insurance and government sectors. Its market-leading products provide reliable, high-quality data and actionable analytics, which help professionals make informed decisions on compliance, risk management and operations.

The business consists of maritime data and analytics, legal reference sources and insight services, including Lloyd’s List, the industry-leading source for global shipping news, analysis and insight with origins stretching back to 1734, and Insurance Day.

Maritime Intelligence chief executive, Michael Dell, said: “We are delighted to join Montagu and the suite of knowledge-led and tech-enabled businesses in their portfolio.

“Partnering with Montagu supports our continued delivery of innovative maritime analytics for customers and we are confident of a bright and prosperous future under their leadership.”

Montagu director Edward Shuckburgh added: “Maritime Intelligence is a unique business with a historic legacy and reputation hard-won over hundreds of years. It is complementary to our portfolio of data and analytics investee companies with strong current growth and revenue acceleration potential. We are pleased to welcome the business to the Montagu family.”

The Montagu portfolio includes global aerospace and defence information service, Janes.

06 April 2022: Lloyd’s List Intelligence partners with trade compliance and financial crime prevention platform provider TradeSun

tradesun PR

Lloyd’s List Intelligence are pleased to announce a partnership with TradeSun to provide data to the TradeSun platform that supports enhanced risk evaluation for trade compliance professionals.

In response to rapidly evolving international sanctions and emerging risk, TradeSun clients can now access Lloyd’s List Intelligence datasets for vessel tracking and ownership and Bill of Lading tracking from within their platform. It follows Lloyd’s List Intelligence launching vessel risk ratings that help finance and compliance professionals evaluate risk more easily.

Lloyd’s List Intelligence’s expanded dataset provides vessel risk indicators and invaluable Bill of Lading tracking for the whole voyage, including transshipment information. This is sourced from Lloyd’s List Intelligence quality assessed vessel characteristics, ownership and real-time tracking data, all of which help TradeSun customers to reduce significantly the risk of non-compliance.

The TradeSun Platform extracts and standardises transaction data, performs multiple compliance activities in real-time, intercepting illicit activities in flight, and ensures trade documents meet international standards (UCP 600/ISBP). Comprehensive reporting, audit trails and prescriptive analytics are provided across the platform.

“With global regulators increasingly turning to sanctions as a pressure tool, players in trade must be vigilant in adhering to the evolving regulatory landscape,” says Nigel Hook, TradeSun CEO. “We’ve partnered with Lloyd’s List Intelligence to further enhance TradeSun’s screening capabilities and give customers confidence in compliance by combining industry-leading data with top tier technology.”

Lloyd’s List Intelligence, part of Informa, has been at the heart of the industry for over 300 years, providing the intelligence, data and expertise that support the shipping market and keep global trade moving efficiently.

Thomas Richmond, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Lloyd’s List Intelligence, noted “Compliance professionals around the world need more than great data. They need the kind of greater insight that our unique data and analytics can bring. This powerful and timely addition to the TradeSun Platform will help professionals meet the escalating trade compliance standards.”


04 Mar 2022: Lloyds List Intelligence partners with trade finance technology partner, Traydstream

Traydstream PR

Following the launch of vessel risk ratings that help trade finance and compliance professionals evaluate operational risk more easily, Lloyd’s List Intelligence are pleased to announce their partnership to provide this data on the Traydstream platform.

To further support trade compliance needs, clients can now access Lloyd’s List Intelligence vessel information when reviewing trade documents for Letters of Credit, Collections and Open Account transactions from within the Traydstream platform.

The expanded data provides vessel risk indicators and invaluable Bill of Lading tracking for the whole voyage, including transshipment information. This is sourced from Lloyd’s List Intelligence quality assessed vessel characteristics, ownership and real-time tracking data.

Traydstream’s OCR engine extracts all the necessary data points to provide a fully automated document checking service as part of an integrated compliance review process.

“Traydstream platform efficiency and Lloyd’s List Intelligence’s vessel and voyage analytics enable better decision making and reduce the costs, complexities and risk of trade,” said Uzair Bawany, Chief Commercial Officer at Traydstream. “Our mission has always been to focus on the pain points that document checkers face, by ensuring that they have the right information, at the right time.”

Lloyd’s List Intelligence, part of Informa, has been at the heart of the industry for over 300 years, providing the intelligence, data and expertise that support the shipping market and keep global trade moving efficiently.

“Working with select partners like Traydstream enables us to further support customers with managing their day-to-day work more efficiently. Combining our vessel and voyage risk analytics and maritime data expertise with Traydstream’s platform furthers our continuous mission to innovate and support ever-evolving market needs,” noted Thomas Richmond, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Lloyd’s List Intelligence.

4 May 2021: Our partnership with SAS

SAS announcement

We are delighted to announce our partnership with analytics powerhouse SAS, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, modelling and forecasting. We too believe in turning data into answers so that everyone can make better decisions.

SAS’s powerful AI will be an important part of new and deeper levels of insight into the behaviours of vessels and fleets using our most complete and verified maritime data. With a number of AI-enhanced services currently in development, our collaboration will set a new standard of insight for the maritime industry.

20 April 2021: OrbitMI Partners with Lloyd’s List Intelligence as Data Provider for Liquid Cargos

orbit announcement

OrbitMI, Inc., a global provider of maritime SaaS software, today announced its partnership with Lloyd’s List Intelligence, the trusted expert partner providing actionable insight into the global maritime industry for 300 years. OrbitMI has partnered with the company, which is part of Informa PLC, as an additional provider of both vessel characteristics as well as company and ownership data for tankers.

The data will be integrated and visualized throughout Orbit, the company’s suite of integrated maritime solutions. Orbit is explicitly designed in its product architecture with an integration layer to pull in multiple systems and data feeds into one unified interface, allowing the company to respond to customer demands.

2050 compared with a 2008 baseline. Given the historically and financially assumed 20-year lifespan of vessels, the maritime sector must ensure that zero-emission vessels are operating on a commercial scale on deep-sea trade routes by 2030, opening the way for a large-scale deployment in the 2030s and 2040s. 

“At OrbitMI, we’re looking to collaborate and build partnerships with like-minded, world-class, customer-centric companies like Lloyd’s List Intelligence who allow us to deliver a technology solution that fits our customers’ workflow,” said Ali Riaz, Chairman and CEO of OrbitMI. “Lloyd’s List Intelligence is one of the most respected and influential brands in maritime and have a shared vision of transparency and sharing within our industry.”

The unparalleled real-time data from Lloyd’s List Intelligence will allow OrbitMI to offer its customers with insights that empower them to make better decisions, and ultimately move their business forward.

“Being data-driven used to be an aspiration,” added Riaz. “Now, it’s imperative.”

Following on the heels of a record-setting webinar in June of last year on maritime intelligence, the two organizations continued to expand their partnership with research and successful lead generation programs. The ongoing discussions throughout 2020 have all led to today’s announcement.

“OrbitMI is both nimble and innovative,” said Michael Dell, President, Lloyd’s List Intelligence. “We have spent the last year working closely with OrbitMI and building this partnership. We are happy to be part of a solution that is driving the transparency and the ever-evolving transformation of the maritime industry."

About OrbitMI

OrbitMI is a software company headquartered in New York City with offices in Sweden, Norway Serbia and Greece, supported by our global partners, whose purpose is to unlock the value in the data the maritime sector generates. By transforming raw data into actionable insights and predictive intelligence, OrbitMI helps maritime become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.