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Good decisions are based on clear insight

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Sixty thousand professionals across the globe trust our insight to cut through the noise and help them make confident decisions.

Our insight brings to light patterns of vessel behaviour that could raise compliance concerns or reveal opportunities for greater operational efficiency. Risks that aren’t readily visible at a glance are identified and contextualised. Both normal and abnormal behaviour are quickly understood and evidenced. Voyage inefficiencies can be corrected when potential delays are predicted and highlighted.

What Our Customers Say

We subscribe to Seasearcher because we heard many banks were on it. Time spent (by our trade finance team) on searches has drastically reduced, and the team is now able to access the information they need more quickly. There are fewer delays with processing and checking our documents.

Leading Asian Bank Seasearcher Customer

Saving time by knowing that you are constantly updating information and that we can get real time updates on the spot is a key benefit.

Inchape South Africa Seasearcher Customer

how we do it

We bring together near-real-time and historical data on vessel movements, characteristics, ownership, sanctions, casualties and ports into one place. Over one trillion data points in our expertly managed database are constantly verified and contextualised with the use of AI and machine learning models.

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vessels classes A and B


ports, terminals and berths


validated vessel positions monthly


confirmed port calls a year

A unique mix of digital and in-person data collection

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Most of our 400m+ Automatic Identification System (AIS) messages ingested daily are captured via terrestrial receivers while other important AIS data from deep sea tracks and busy lanes are captured by satellite partners. Even more data is captured via shipborne receivers and our exclusive access to Lloyd’s Agents stationed at ports and along coastlines around the globe. 

Terrestrial network: Around 360m AIS messages from terrestrial receipt are ingested daily by over 2200 receivers strategically located in ports and along coastlines across the globe. About one-quarter of the receivers are owned and managed by us, bringing in exclusive AIS data to our database. The rest are operated by trusted partners with 95% uptime Service Level Agreements. 

Satellite network: Our partners Orbcomm and Spire provide complementary AIS data capture services using their satellite networks, bringing in around 40m AIS messages daily

Orbcomm’s low-earth orbit (LEO) constellation of satellites and 16 ground relay stations around the world means that we benefit from their exceptional ability to capture AIS from vessels in deep sea tracks.

Spire Global’s nano-satellite constellation has particular visibility of vessel positions in high traffic zones such as the South China Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Spire Dynamic AIS, a shipborne AIS receiver service that consolidates AIS signals from nearby vessels and transmits them via satellite links, reduces the risk of data loss in high traffic zones.

Lloyd’s Agents: Our exclusive access to the network of over 500 Lloyd's Agents and sub-agents positioned in 170 countries gives us insight directly from ports across the globe. Mostly located in high-traffic ports, this network provides on-the-ground information to verify positions and port callings as well as create fresh and exclusive data when AIS signals aren't available or have been switched off. Over 25,000 port calls annually are provided by Lloyd’s Agents that aren't available through any other means. This brings even more data to our customers that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

transforming our data into actionable insight

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Billions of data points flow into our expertly managed database for verification and contextualization with the use of AI to transform it into actionable analytics.


  • Advanced algorithms designed by experts to rapidly disseminate, match and verify data
  • Artificial intelligence creating advanced context around behaviour, its implications and risks


  • Industry expertise delivering analytics that are relevant and insightful
  • Analytical expertise devising methodologies that achieve optimal analytical results

Our data is transformed into data feeds, analytics, tools, reports, ratings and alerts that cut through the noise and help thousands of professionals identify risk, rate compliance, and spot operational efficiencies.


Our database is constantly updated and growing

We use only official and professional sources of vessel characteristics and ownership information. We have over 150 trusted sources including 60 commercial registries, 40 flag state registries, 20 class societies which include IACS members and P&I clubs, as well as other official bureaus that issue results of surveys, inspections, and other documentation.

Our analysts disseminate incoming vessel characteristics and ownership information, validate it against known data from independent sources, and verify any changes that should be made.


  • 8,000 vessel characteristics updated each month
  • 700+ vessel name changes each month
  • 700+ flag changes each month
  • 10k ownership details changed month
  • 86k+ ownership validation reviews each month

With geospatial mapping of over 60k ports, sub-ports, anchorages, terminals and berths, our data provides pinpoint accuracy of movements within ports and places, bringing even more insight into historical and real-time operations as vessels are loaded, unloaded, serviced or waiting at anchor.



Our processes for data collection, cleansing, enhancements, and output are all governed through COACT. This ensures that everything we do with the data meets and is measured against the same high standards on a continual basis.

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Consistency: Our methodologies use strict rules and defined tolerances to manage consistency

  • Over 400m AIS data messages received daily are all subject to rigorous verification and enhancement

Origin: Our data is built on the most reliable inputs from our own exclusive sources and partners that we trust

  • Our hierarchy of 3,000 trusted data sources creates the complete and accurate view
  • One-quarter of our 2,200 terrestrial receivers are owned and managed by us
  • We receive exclusive data from 500 Lloyd’s Agents across the globe

Accuracy: We are constantly monitoring and improving our data sets, removing anomalies, driving accuracy and increasing precision

  • 450m vessel positions are validated monthly
  • 8,000 vessel characteristics changes each month
  • 1,400 vessel name and flag changes each month

Completeness: Our extensive data coverage forms the full picture of maritime trade activities, fleet and vessel operations and the infrastructure of the entire industry.

  • 100% data coverage of the active commercial fleet
  • 600k vessels across all lifecycles

Timeliness: Automated data processing and validation ensure our data is current and quickly accessible

  • Data is typically published a few minutes after receipt for vessel movements and sanctions reports, less than 30 minutes for casualties alerts 24/7/365, and less than 60 minutes for vessel characteristics.
  • If new data contains inconsistencies, most can be researched and verified 24 to 48 hours later.

All of this gives you

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A single view of the complete global fleet

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Validated and updated vessel characteristics, positions, statuses and behaviours

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Unique analytical insight with context and evidence

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AI-driven verification and context around behaviour and potential risk

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Alerts for specific location, risk, vessel and activity monitoring

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Actionable maritime insight, data, and analytics trusted by 60,000 professionals across the globe