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A Complete View of the Maritime Ecosystem

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Benefit from faster access to in-depth vessel and voyage data and analytics to help you identify, assess and reduce commercial risk.

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With Lloyd’s List Intelligence you can monitor the global fleet for anti-money laundering, dual use goods and sanctions compliance.

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Optimise voyages, track vessels, improve productivity, identify risk, and discover commercial opportunities. 

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Our exclusive data, established partnerships, and meticulous processes deliver the reliable data you need to make informed strategic decisions and move forward with confidence. 

Rich and Reliable Maritime Data

Our leading algorithms and AI tools interrogate and validate millions of data points to tell you what you need to know in a format that’s easy for you to understand. Additional analysis and insights is provided by our team of experts, who translate data into meaningful trends to give you the complete picture at all times.


Vessel characteristics Up to 250 fields of data collected from over 150 trusted sources, so you get unparalleled access to analysis, information, risks, and trends before anyone else. Vessel movements Over 360 million terrestrial AIS signals daily, distilled into 12 million daily positions on the Seasearcher platform, so you can easily track the world's vessels from one convenient platform. Sanctions Vessels, owners, companies, countries, entities, and port callings are all cross-referenced to give you complete transparency. 000 Casualties Over 87,000 vessel casualties in our database with 2,500 incidents added each year, giving you comprehensive data you can trust. Ownership Over 200,000 ship owning and operating entities covering seven levels of ownership, so you know exactly who your counterparty is. Ports and places Over 72,000 ports, terminals, berths and anchorages mapped and geofenced, offering accurate port analytics and risk models for vessel tracking and operations planning. 

A Unique Blend of Data Analytics and Human Validation


We complement raw and processed data with human knowledge and analysis, combining 45 million daily AIS satellite messages with over 23,000 port calls verified in person. This gives you confidence that the data we’re sharing is trustworthy and validated.

We also understand that you can’t afford to have any gaps in your data. We work with 500 agents across 170 countries worldwide, which means you get the most coverage of maritime data – and the most insights possible. 

Terrestrial Network - We use data from over 2,200 terrestrial receivers that generate over 360 million signals daily, giving you a complete view of the global fleet that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Satellites - Our partners Orbcomm and Spire provide 45 million AIS messages daily, giving you a complete and up- to-date view of the global fleet for your compliance, risk and operational decision making. Shipborne receivers - Spire also provides us with data from their shipborne receivers, which collect AIS data from nearby vessels in congested areas to ensure there are no gaps in your data. Lloyd's Agents Network - Our exclusive use of Lloyd's Agents across the globe adds crucial human intelligence to complement our digital data sources. 

Contextualising Data through AI and Human Expertise


Data is freely available but converting that data into meaningful insights isn’t always easy. Raw data is often messy, inaccurate, or subject to human error. We give you a joined-up data solution that drives action through a clearly defined process to give you actionable analytics - arming you with the information you need to solve whatever your business problem may be.

Our own exclusive data. 3,000+ data sources. Data from our trusted partners. Data Standardisation. Advanced algorithms. Automated. Artificial inteligence. Designed by experts to rapidly disseminate, match and verify data. Creating advanced content around behaviour, its implications and risks. Delivering analytics that are relevant and insightful. Industry expertise. Our database Enhanced, complete and verified. In-person. Devising methodologies that achieve optimal analytical results. Analytical expertise. Your actionable analytics. Descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analysis to support and evidence your analysis, due diligence and research.


Our in-house editorial team at Lloyd's List also helps us to turn data into meaningful insights, providing an extra layer of analysis over and above any other data provider. We explain the implications for you, further translating data into actionable market guidance so you can move forward with confidence.  

COACT: Our Unique Methodology to Continuously Measure and Improve Data Quality


We constantly set ourselves the highest standards. We’re proud to be ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System accredited, validating the operating policies and procedures of our data management processes as well as recognising the business's commitment to maintain the highest levels of data quality through continuous monitoring and maintenance.

We call this data quality framework COACT. COACT is completely exclusive to Lloyd’s List Intelligence and is our unique way of ensuring you always work with high-quality, accurate and timely data. 

COACT. Consistency - Strict rules and defined tolerances to maintain quality. Origin - Our data is collated from exclusive sources and reputable partners. Accuracy - We constantly test and monitor data to remove anomalies and improve precision. Completeness - A comprehensive and detailed view of the world's fleet. Timeliness - Combining automation with expertise to power speedy data availability. 

All of which gives you

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A single view of the complete global fleet

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Validated and updated vessel characteristics, positions, statuses and vessel behaviours

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Unique analytical insight with context and evidence

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AI-driven verification and context around behaviour and potential risk

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Alerts for specific location, risk, vessel and activity monitoring

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Actionable maritime insight, data, and analytics trusted by 60,000 professionals across the globe

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