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Screen, investigate and monitor vessels for illicit activity

dark vessel activity

With more stringent OFAC guidance and increased regulatory scrutiny, you can't afford to make mistakes, particularly when it comes to suspicious or illicit activities.

Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance sees all, flagging compliance risks that matter, such as high-risk vessel port callings (including dark port callings), deviation from normal trade routes, loitering and probable dark ship to ship transfers, all available to download in one vessel compliance report.

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Expedite trade compliance screenings and KYC/KYV checks

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Simplify investigations, with a single view of a vessel’s voyage

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Detect and monitor illicit activity more quickly

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Reduce AIS gap investigations and rescreens

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Access trading insights on vessels

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Tailor risk assessments to your timelines

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Create audit trails with one customised report

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Stay alerted to newly identified high risk activity


live vessels tracked daily


Seasearcher users worldwide


AIS messages processed daily


coverage of the live commercial fleet

The complete view of sanctioned and illicit activity

With reliable data from over 3,000 sources, AI models process billions of data points to generate the most accurate and detailed predictive analytics and risk-ratings available, providing a level of detail on illicit activity you couldn’t see yourself.

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Actionable, AI-driven insights not available anywhere else

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Industry-approved data models

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Standardised reports and ratings

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Expert analytical support

Who we help

Top 20 Global Bank

Risks in isolation are not very helpful. Seasearcher gives an aggregated view, saving us time and helping us expedite decisions.

Top 20 Global Bank Compliance Manager

Top 10 Classification Society​

We're increasingly held accountable for any illicit vessel behaviour. Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance ensures we're never the last to know.

Top 10 Classification Society​ Head of Legal

Bunker Holding

For dark activity, previously we would have to seek clarification from the customer and wait for a response. There was a lot of back and forth and often the answers could be incomplete. Now for most cases, we can investigate, obtain the full picture and resolve it by ourselves. This makes a really big difference.

Wei Yen Yip Global Head of Compliance

Top 20 Maritime Insurer

Monitoring the insured fleet is time consuming and prone to error. Seasearcher keeps us alert to maritime compliance risk, with no false positives.

Top 20 Maritime Insurer Head of Compliance

Top 20 Bunker Supplier

We're under constant pressure from traders to complete KYC & KYV checks and respond to escalations as quickly as possible. Seasearcher helps us pinpoint and evidence sanctions compliance risks in less time and expedite decisions.

Top 20 Bunker Supplier Compliance Manager

Leading Maritime Law Firm

The aims of OFAC are here to stay. Right now, pulling together evidence for sanctions cases, can take months, and even years. For example, in de-sanctioning cases, Lawyers are under pressure to get restrictions lifted as clients are unable to trade during investigations. Seaseacher Advanced Risk & Compliance could speed up investigations, reducing the time needed to just days or hours and could save clients from bankruptcy.

Leading Maritime Law Firm Partner

PMI Services North America

Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance saves a lot of time because previously I was going to various different websites, like the OFAC US advisories and EU watchlists. Now it’s all in one place, so it’s very fast.

Balasubramaniam Para Marine Vetting Lead

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