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Data gaps represent one of the maritime supply chain’s most severe business challenges. Often, businesses are forced to make business-critical supply chain decisions based on data that is either speculative or incomplete, resulting in penalties, damaged customer relationship and missed opportunities.

Join us for this webinar where we will show you what good data and analytics looks like. Predictive Fleet Analytics from Lloyd’s List Intelligence saves you time and money with:  

  • Predictive ETAs, ETBs and ETDs so you can always see exactly when your vessel of interest is scheduled to arrive, berth and depart. 
  • Predictive waiting times and port congestion insights aid planning, so you can manage port fees and keep customers well informed. 
  • Predictive destinations with probability scores give you the inside track on where vessels are likely to be heading, opening up business opportunities. 
tom holwell

Tom Holwell

Product Manager
Lloyd's List Intelligence

Jean-Charles headshot

Jean-Charles Gordon

Head of Maritime Analytics
Lloyd's List Intelligence

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