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Identify Financial Risks

Risk Identification

Finance for ships, fleets, or cargo    

The purchase or renovation of ships are high-cost transactions – with the cost of building a ship often exceeding $200 million – that can involve complex financial arrangements.  

According to our data, there are around 200 new vessels registered per month on average in 2022. 

Ships can change hands with high frequency and, as a result, the financing requirement is likely to be greater as shipowners seek to fund second-hand acquisitions. 

Therefore, professionals in the finance sector require extensive financial risk assessments that must be based on highly accurate and reliable data. 

Monitor compliance   

Professionals in ship finance must take every available step to assess and monitor all aspects of a potential shipbuilder or seller, and this level of insight requires reliable maritime data, credit reports, and strong analytics.   

The ongoing monitoring of a vessel is important to ensure it is compliant and the level of trade finance required can be maintained.  

Selecting the right service or partner is vital because the risks are extensive and the liabilities can be significant. The costs associated with commissioning new vessels can also fluctuate significantly. 

Potential buyers need clear data when they seek out loan agreements, ship mortgages, and other financial documentation because ship financing covers a wide variety of ships and associated structures. Ship finance is different from other asset-based lending because shipping business earnings are prone to volatility and repayments are less predictable. 

The stark truth is that the consequences of engaging a poor-quality ship provider or financing that is not fit for purpose can be devastating to business continuity.  

On your side  

Cutting through the clutter to uncover the insight you need when deciding on a shipbuilder partner can seem like a daunting task, but our vessel data in the form of API or integrated into our Seasearcher platform are essential instruments for anyone with a stake in the maritime industry.   

Our data and analytics provide the insight and clarity to identify risk and realise opportunities with insights on vessel performance, sanctioned activity, vessel and fleet ownership, casualties, characteristics, counterparty risk and market insight around new builds and order books.   

It features details on 600,000 vessels at all stages of their lifecycle, 100% coverage of the live commercial fleet, 240,000 owning and operating entities and the financial position of over 15,000 maritime companies     

Uncover the insight you need with a thorough maritime intelligence provider.