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Swift access to accurate information to understand trade flow patterns is crucial when it comes to identifying and maximising commercial opportunities. Despite increased supply chain issues and the need for more comprehensive vetting procedures, speed is still of the essence, particularly in the competitive world of energy, bunkering and commodities companies.

Discover the ideal operations, risk and compliance solutions for the sector.

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, our customers are telling us that having the most up-to-date, accurate data at their fingertips is more important than ever to make informed decisions. With world-class data, energy, bunkering and commodity companies are well placed to reduce risk exposure and increase commercial opportunities. Rosanna Boyle Head of Product, Risk & Compliance, Lloyd's List Intelligence

Case Study: Vet More Vessels In Less Time

Thanks to the streamlined, data-rich experience offered by Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance, the team at PMI Services North America can save:

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24 hours per month

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6 hours per week

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10 minutes per check

“Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance saves a lot of time because previously I was going to various different websites, like the OFAC US advisories and EU watchlists. Now it's all in one place, so it’s very fast.”
Balasubramaniam Para, Marine Vetting Lead / PMI Services North America

Case study: enhance compliance risk mitigation

Learn how the advanced data-driven features and usability of Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance allows Bunker Holding to save:

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25 hours per week

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5 hours per day

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20 minutes per investigation

"For dark activity, previously we would have to seek clarification from the customer and wait for a response. There was a lot of back and forth and often the answers could be incomplete. Now for most cases, we can investigate, obtain the full picture and resolve it by ourselves. This makes a really big difference.” 
Wei Yen Yip, Global Head of Compliance / Bunker Holding









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