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100% of the top shipping law firms use i-law to conduct research and build winning cases

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Immediate access to must-read titles: all in one subscription and on one platform

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The go-to maritime law resource hosting case reports, reference books, looseleafs, newsletters and more

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Exclusive content including Lloyd’s Law Reports, key maritime arbitration summaries, and specialist reference books

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Hosted on an easy-to-use platform that makes browsing, searching and setting up content alerts simple

Practical and analytical content, tailored to the needs of maritime lawyers

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  • Understand the latest developments and cases of note with Lloyd’s Law Reporter and our industry-recognised newsletters like Lloyd’s Maritime Law Newsletter, which includes exclusive arbitration summaries from the London Maritime Arbitration Association and Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration
  • Quickly access all the conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other related international conventions affecting today’s global shipping market with The Ratification of Maritime Conventions
  • Set up email alerts for key publications and search terms and have the latest developments sent straight to your inbox

Specialised archive of cases and judgments with Lloyd’s Law Reports

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  • Access an extensive archive of over 18,500 judgments dating back to 1919, selected and summarised by generations of maritime law experts
  • Benefit from unique headnotes and case summaries allow you to quickly find relevant cases before reading the full case judgments, saving you vital time on your research
  • Read exclusive content only available to i-law subscribers through the Chinese Maritime and Commercial Law Reports and Lloyd’s Law Reports Plus - 41% more content in 2022 compared to the print edition

Must-have reference books all in one online collection

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  • Browse nearly 100 shipping titles from the Lloyd’s Shipping Law Library (Green) books, including well-known authorities like Bills of Lading, Bareboat Charters, Laytime and Demurrage, Miller's Marine War Risks, and more 
  • Quickly and easily find and reference the specific titles and sections you need on the only platform that allows you to search across, and annotate sections of, all key titles from the informa law from Routledge
  • Find older page references and law ‘as was’ with archive editions of key titles

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