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Alerts and on-demand access to the most complete view of commercial vessels flags when unknown or watched vessels enter tracked areas, alerting to suspicious behaviour and informing investigations. Vessel ratings save time connecting vessel ownership, sanctions and movements data to provide instant indicators of risk associated with a vessel.


on by Navies and Governments




AIS messages processed daily


reliable and trusted data sources worldwide

A timeline of flag, sanction and ownership changes, along with details of vessels that frequently pair with a vessel of interest, for ship-to-ship operations, save them time assessing risks associated with a vessel's history and avoiding having to join disconnected information.

Gaps in a vessels AIS messages and projected destination tracking gives a clear indication of where a vessel may have travelled during ‘dark’ periods, alerting to potential connections to high risk or sanctioned areas.

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Stay informed of casualties, seizures, arrests and detentions


Screen against your own lists with automated watchlists

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Be alerted to callings in high risk areas or ECA zones

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Seven key risk ratings give an instant view of overall risk

Seasearcher is trusted by maritime professionals all over the world for its real time and historical view of the commercial fleet.

Unlike others, we offer the most complete view of maritime data from almost 3,000 sources, comprising AIS data from satellites, terrestrial AIS receivers, complemented by port callings from trusted resources such as Lloyd's Agents across the globe. Data accuracy, quality, completeness and timeliness are constantly evaluated and improved.


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