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Analyse commercial opportunities

Identifying all vessels that are sailing to a country or port proactively, 5 days in advance can be extremely challenging and time-consuming, when using multiple  sources of varying credibility.

One of the key benefits that Predictive Fleet Analytics provides market intelligence and research analysts the ability to identify additional commercial opportunities quickly and effectively, by using the Trade Lanes feature to clearly research vessels travelling or have travelled common trade routes.


Generate New Business


Do you or your team spend a huge amount of your time reactively understanding vessel destinations and Estimated Time of Arrival to support current customers?

Predictive Fleet Analytics gives sales and account management professionals the insights to serve their existing customers as proactively as possible, with a reliable view of when and where vessels are going to arrive, berth and depart.

Manage Resources Efficiently

Are you currently gathering Estimated Time of Arrival and Estimated Time of Departure data through multiple sources with great time and effort?

Predictive Fleet Analytics provides Schedulers and Planners with a single view of predicted vessel movements with contextual insights to empower you to work more proactively in your day-to-day work, keeping customers informed and satisfied.


Ensure A Safe And Efficient Voyage


Are you finding it time consuming when looking at Estimated Time to Berth and Estimated Time of Departure to understand when a vessel will be able to turn around, and when it can be chartered or utilised again?

Predictive Fleet Analytics Watchlist feature  allows commercial and fleet operations professionals to maintain greater day-to-day visibility on the movements of vessels of interest, enable smooth operations.

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