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Find out how we help Bunker Holdings gain 25 Hours each week to pursue more opportunities

The bunker industry contends with numerous challenges, including:

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Due diligence checks for new business opportunities require more attention and a reliable source of validation

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Lack real-time insights to identify opportunities ahead of competition

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Not enough time can be dedicated to sourcing new opportunities and ensuring high-risk trades are avoided

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Inefficient process to maintain visibility of vessel arrivals and stay abreast of changes 

Our bespoke offering provides enhanced reliability and accuracy in voyage data, saving time and resources while seamlessly integrating due diligence checks. Streamline the search, identification and qualification of new opportunities with one single source of truth.

Discover solution in more detail:


Integrated into a single view on our Seasearcher platform or deliverable by API data, our most advanced predictive insights with real-time updates gives you:


coverage of the commercial fleet (know exactly where vessels are heading in real-time)


time saved on lead generation


More Qualified Opportunities

One solution, covering all aspects of risk, including credit & compliance

Our solution will provide you with the following:

Flag high risk vessels with integrated Sanctions, credit and vessel risk ratings to rule out businesses that you can’t work with.

Movement Risks
- High Risk port calling
- Probable dark port calling

Loitering & Deviation
- Probable 1-way dark STS (as non-dark party)

Ship to Ship Transfer
- Probable 1-way dark STS (as dark party) or 2-way dark STS

AIS Gaps
- Suspicious AIS Gap

Credit Risk
- Instant clarity and counterparty risk
- Instant credit rating

Our solution enables you to access comprehensive vessel characteristics and ownership information seamlessly when initiating new agreements, including:




Classification and P&I



Tonnage and Dimensions


  • Discover vessel characteristics and ownership information to verify services and who’s best to contact when researching new business deals.
  • Reliable information on a vessel’s attributes allowing you to determine supply needs instantly.
  • Streamline outreach using our comprehensive ownership data, including 7 levels of current and historic vessel ownership.
  • Filtered to your criteria sent directly to you or your team to speed up lead identification and outreach.
  • Pinpoint opportunities by analysing current and historical trading for vessels travelling between two ports, or to specific countries or places.
  • Monitor clients and supply coordination with trade lanes insights, to deliver services effectively, meet the needs of existing clients and discover commercial opportunities quicker.
  • Get alerted to destination changes and proactively reach out to customers for sales opportunities.
  • Quickly derive expected waiting times by vessel types and sizes to advise captains to slow steam or speed up.

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