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See what's coming with predicted voyage data

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AIS-based information can often be incomplete and unreliable, resulting in backlogs, penalties, wasted time, and missed commercial opportunities.

Predictive Fleet Analytics brings clarity to what was previously manual, problematic data. These analytics will help you better predict a vessel’s next move with estimated times on arrival, berthing, departure, port congestions, turnaround times all in one place.

Why you need predictive fleet analytics


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Cut costs and penalties with predicted vessel journeys and forewarning of potential delays

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Maximise day-to-day operations with a central point of truth and insight

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Serve customers better by planning ahead with the visibility of future port calls

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Reduce time and stress manually gathering data yourselves with accurate predicted vessel data


  • Predicted next destination with a probability score
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for all key vessels with 80% accuracy level 5 days out from port
  • Estimated Time to Berth (ETB) with 1 – 2-hour accuracy
  • Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) based on historical data and current traffic levels
  • Vessel predicted waiting time and time in port 
  • Vessel predicted voyage via PDF report 
  • Tailored email alerts when a vessel changes destination
  • Vessel operating information including trading information and timeline
  • Current trade route analytics made up of trade lane deviation and traffic
  • Port congestion and turnaround metrics with red, amber, green rating
  • Port traffic analytics consisting of vessels expected to arrive at the port within the next 5 days
  • Port benchmark data to compare average waiting times at two ports over a tailored period


Realise the benefits to you

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Commercial and Fleet Operations Managers

Advise vessels to speed up or slow down with insight on port congestion and avoid delays.

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Market Intelligence Professionals

Create port and vessel benchmarking data more easily.

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Sales and Business Development Teams

Secure contracts to offer services to vessels days in advance of them arriving in port.

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Plan vessel surveys 5 days ahead with confidence.

1 trillion

data points processed using AI


reilable and trusted data surces worldwide


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