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Predictive Fleet Analytics enables you to see vessel arrivals, port congestion and delays with a market-first platform and API end point. Save time understanding route and port traffic levels and vessel predicted arrival times using more accurate and detailed data than ever before.

Join Tom Holwell, Product Manager, for a webinar on Thursday, 19 May 2022 to learn about the four ways you can streamline operations with predicted voyage data. Predictive Fleet Analytics can help you:

  • Cut costs and penalties, with accurate, data-based predictive vessel movements and vessel behaviour information
  • Plan for success, with insights such as predicted vessels arrivals at least 2 days in advance
  • Give your customers the service they want, with visibility into supply chains and potential delays
  • Remove stress from your day to day and maximise your efficiency by removing the need to manually gather information yourself
tom holwell

Tom Holwell

Product Manager
Lloyd's List Intelligence

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