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How To Decarbonise Shipping

Shipowners are in a race to be second when it comes to decarbonising the global fleet.

First movers risk expensive early obsolesce while laggards looking to profit from an uneven transition risk being left behind by rapidly changing market requirements that are increasingly running ahead of protracted regulatory timelines.

The stakes are high - the transition to a zero-carbon future represents a generational risk for shipowners who have now clocked that a carbon footprint does not just matter to environmentalists. It matters to lenders, investors, employees, politicians and our customers.

If shipowners do not master the transition from a high-carbon model to a low and eventually zero-carbon one, they will simply not remain viable. They won’t be able to finance their assets, satisfy their investors, attract talented employees or service their customers.

Join owners, policy makers, academics, cargo interests to cut through the greenwashing and regulatory prevarication and engage in a focussed debate examining the realities of shipping’s zero carbon transition.

Our panel of industry experts answer:

  • How will the decarbonisation shift affect the competitive landscape of vessel ownership?
  • Is there sufficient progress being made from regulators to support the growth of decarbonised shipping?
  • With market requirements increasingly running ahead of regulatory timelines, what actions do companies need to take now to mitigate medium- and long-term risk?
  • Can there be international co-operation across the shipping industry to avoid a mix and match approach of national and regional rules on top of private initiatives?
  • What are the greatest barriers to decarbonising shipping as of today and how can those barriers be removed?
Anastassios Adamopolous

Anastassios Adamopolous (moderator)

Sustainability Editor
Lloyd's List

Roger Holm

Roger Holm

President Marine Power and Executive Vice President
Wärtsilä Corporation

Jacob Sterling

Jacob Sterling

Head Decarbonisation Innovation & Business Development
A.P. Moller-Maersk

Linda Sigrid Hammer

Linda Sigrid Hammer

Principal Consultant

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