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The digital revolution is creating a tiered market of haves and have nots; decarbonisation is demanding immediate innovation; global venture capital funding is finding a maritime data goldrush; and bigger funds featuring dedicated teams with industry experience have created a more mature environment for smart ideas to meet smart money.

In short, the conditions are ripe for change, but there is a limited window of opportunity for shipping companies to define their own future.

The question is whether a conservative, fragmented industry, in which corporates have rarely been rewarded for experimenting and failing, is finally ready to take full advantage of this groundswell of innovation?

The next edition of the Lloyd’s List Innovation Webinar, held on October 27 will once again gather the industry’s leading innovation experts to discuss factors shaping the future of shipping and the conditions that are required for companies to succeed in future-proofing their business models during a period of seismic change.

On the agenda:

  • How the green transition is dividing shipping into two tiers based on means, ambition and scale and why the first movers on technology and innovation are finally seeing payback.
  • Why the Artificial Intelligence goldrush is transforming shipping operations and creating a digital efficiency underclass of vessel operations.
  • Why business models will need to adapt to incentivise investment across the value chain.
  • Why the shipping industry needs to innovate system design and data standardisation.
  • Why innovation requires collaboration and scale, but is increasingly reliant on being able to integrate non-shipping expertise into operations.
  • Why there is an urgent need for innovation focused on supply chain efficiency in tandem with future fuels R&D.
Richard Meade

Richard Meade (Moderator)

Lloyd's List


Leslie Dang

Managing Director
Singapore, Nautilus Labs


Osku Kälkäjä

Head of Digital Business
ABB Marine & Ports

headshot of Garry Noonan

Garry Noonan

Head of Transition Technologies
Ardmore Shipping Corporation


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