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AIS data alone is not enough when trying to determine the status of a vessel’s voyage. Add in supply chain uncertainties, bottlenecks and port congestion to the mix, it soon becomes painstaking to gather when a vessel will arrive, berth and depart. 

Predictive Fleet Analytics, from Lloyd’s List Intelligence, revolutionises supply chain management and gives you a broad range of predicted, actionable insight, enabling you to make decisions proactively and with confidence. 

Join us for this webinar where we will show how professionals like you can use Predictive Fleet Analytics to: 

  • Analyse trends and spot commercial opportunities 
  • Pinpoint, nurture and win new business
  • Ensure a safe and cost-effective voyage
  • Optimise resources and improve the supply chain productivity

Register now to learn how you can unlock the benefits of Predictive Fleet Analytics.

tom holwell

Tom Holwell

Product Manager
Lloyd's List Intelligence

Rosie Boyle

Rosanna Boyle

Head of Product, Risk & Compliance 
Lloyd's List Intelligence

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