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Which fuels and technologies will drive shipping’s race to zero? It’s the question of the age – or at least of the next decade. The simple fact is there’s no silver bullet, no immediate and all-embracing answer to a complex and evolving challenge. The solution lies in a range of fuels and technologies working together.

Settling on the most appropriate fuel depends on understanding vessel operational expectations, together with expectations about safety of carriage, handling and storage, and availability at ports around the world.

Part of the solution will come in the form of technologies great and small, from new main engines to mobile phone apps, from wings and kites to voyage optimisation software and advanced hull coatings.

Digital technologies alone won’t get the industry to zero but will make an immediate difference; new fuels could get global shipping to zero but not for several decades. Which fuels and technologies should ship owners invest in and why?

Industry leaders on this Lloyd’s List webinar will assess the options available in the short and medium terms, and weigh the pros and cons of best investment to reach zero-carbon shipping.



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