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The maritime sector is struggling to hire the talent needed for a digital future, pioneers in the tech sector recognise that digital success is not about investing in new technology and it’s a whole new way of working.

Over the past three years, companies have been digging into Software as a Service solution with the result that industry leaders are now confident that SaaS is secure, easy to implement, available anywhere and makes best use of talent joining the industry.

This Lloyd’s List Intelligence webinar explores the world of Digitalisation as a Service (DaaS). Reviewing its strengths and weaknesses and its potential as a game-changer for decarbonisation and improved operational efficiency.

A panel of industry experts will share their experience of SaaS in shipping, answering three critical questions:

  • Is Digitalisation as a Service a gimmick or a new course for shipping?
  • How much restructuring will be needed for DaaS?
  • What new skills will DaaS require from existing employees and new hires. Is shipping ready?
headshot of Richard Clayton

Richard Clayton (Moderator)

Chief Correspondent
Lloyd's List

headshot of Sid Probstein

Sid Probstein


headshot of Beeni Jacob

Beeni Jacob

VP, implementations & support
Nautilus Labs

headshot of Federia Maiorano

Federica Maiorano

Vice President of Strategy
Spot Ship

headshot of Jocelyn Hansen

Jocelyn Hansen

VP Sales


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