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More Data Storytelling

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, it is vital for businesses to highlight and assess risks associated with status or operations that can influence or change the way they deal with shippers, suppliers, or their own customers. 

When comparing maritime trade risk solutions in the market, we list the main jobs carried out by compliance professionals to help you evaluate which solution is the best fit. 

So, let’s compare our newest solution with other leading solution providers in the maritime industry to make your decision easier.  

What they offer 


Competitor A

Competitor B

Competitor C

KYC check

Trading Insights (the trading profile of a
vessel in context with its risk)

Maritime companies' financial risk

Compliance Screening

Sanctions compliance screening checks
(red, amber, green)



Enhanced AIS Gap Detection
(ML models removing false positives)

Alerts to possible ports
linked to dark activity

Only determine
Dark activity

Only determines
'periods on non-reporting'

AIS Spoofing Detection
(Probable true location)

No validated vessel position
from proprietary AIS network

Lack of evidence on whether the
detection happens in real-time

Dark Port Call Detection - market first
(Determines when it happened and
give user possible vessels)

Only identify
"Dark Activity"

Only identify
"Dark Activity"

Only identify
"Dark Activity"

Dark STS (1 way and 2 way) - market first
(Determines when it happened and
give user possible vessels)

Claims to detect
irregular activity but
no mention or proof

No abnormal
movement detection

Abnormal movement detection - loitering

Managing escalations

In-platform escalations (beyond traditional
email escalation) - market first

No event log
just AIS positions

No event log
just AIS positions

Voyage event log
(indicates when key events happen)

Some personalisation
but no audit trail

Have watchlist
feature only

Have an audit trail
and watchlist feature

Tailored compliance reports
(vessel, events, risk, ratings and voyage map)

Some personalisation

Some personalisation

Monitoring vessels

Monitoring list with Alerts (Customise
compliance alerts and get alerted to
any changes in the risk profile)

In conclusion, we can see Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance outperforms  alternative solutions with the following key benefits: 

1. Single source of truth with delivery of comprehensive data, unparalleled for its accuracy and depth.

Assess the financial health of maritime companies and any connections to illicit or illegal activities, for a complete view of risk exposure you couldn’t join together yourself. 

In addition to strategic partnerships with terrestrial receivers, satellite providers and port agents, what sets Seaseacher Advanced Risk & Compliance apart are its exclusive data sources. We have hundreds of sources and more than 500 Lloyd’s agents in over 170 countries. Our database covers 100% of the live commercial fleet, over 400 million AIS messages processed daily & over 250,000 ship owning and operating entities. 

2. Analytics and intelligence that gets you to the compliance insight you need, quickly.

Gain a clear understanding of a vessel’s trading pattern in context, with flags for previous illicit activity in time periods defined by you. Avoid unnecessary investigations with contextual intelligence that highlights when an anomaly or AIS gap might result in a compliance breach.

Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance combines quality data with machine learning to generate only valid risks for your investigation, removing false positives.  

Based on our customer analysis, our solution greatly expedites the time used to complete an investigation, up to 50% faster.

3. Simpler investigations with one informed view

Quickly fulfil detailed investigations with irregular voyage behaviour all in one event log, and confidently present your decisions with tailored reports as evidence.

Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance ‘s traffic light system details the  red, amber, green (RAG) status for vessel risk levels to help you assess  exposure to risk quickly and efficiently. 

4. Tailored visibility of what is going on at sea and in your business 

Stay alert to new compliance risk – with tailored monitoring lists and compliance risk alerts. Never miss illicit activity involving your vessels of interest. Complete audit trails for a robust compliance procedure with every check, escalation, all managed in one single platform.

Your solution of choice

Trade compliance screening, Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and investigating possible illicit maritime trading activity has never been more complex. It’s essential to move quickly and act precisely, but these processes can be complex, time-consuming and prone to human error. 

Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance gives a new view of validated maritime trading risk and context on which to base and evidence compliance decisions that could: 

  • Speed up your compliance checks by 25%.
  • Reduce time on investigation by 50% with removal of false positives
  • Reduce your workload by 62.5 hours per day with a one-stop solution 
  • Seamlessly integrate the solution into your business with web platform or API data feeds

Contact us today to book your exclusive demonstration with our industry expert.