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How We Help

Evaluate maritime risk

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Operating without reliable intelligence around risks associated with businesses and players in the industry leaves you open to compliance and regulatory breaches, ill-informed investments and poorly selected partnerships.

Monitor maritime trade

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Operating without a comprehensive understanding of shipping patterns and real-time operations reduces your efficiency, exposes you to risk and prevents you acting on opportunities.

Understand Market Trends

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Business strategy and direction can be misguided without a full understanding of the impact that regulation, trade and geopolitical changes have on shipping, insurance and legal markets.

Drive Commercial strategy

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Deciding where to focus your commercial efforts is difficult if you lack clarity on available opportunities and how to realise them. We provide a clear picture of commercial opportunities across the maritime-related industry so you can develop business efficiently and increase your sales.

build legal cases

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Taking legal action without comprehensive insight on case history and specialist market intelligence can impact your reputation and reduce client satisfaction.