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Our Brand Guidelines

Digitised Blue Wave

We have extensive Brand Guidelines to help us express our brand correctly through words and visuals. In them, you’ll find all you need to know about our brand foundations, visual branding, and our tone of voice. There are also some copywriting tips and examples of branded materials.

It’s important that all colleagues are familiar with the contents, so do please read through them.

This is an internal-facing guide, not meant to be seen by anyone external aside from trusted suppliers.

Our Brand logo artwork

letter stamps

Our logo artwork, dated February 2021, is available here for download.

- Lloyd’s List Intelligence
- Lloyd’s List
- Insurance Day
- Lloyd’s Loading List

We have both positive (black) and negative (white) lettering versions, which are used according to the background.

File types: EPS, PNG, JPG

Chevron Logo Logos

Lloyd's List Intelligence

Lloyd's List

Insurance Day

Lloyd's Loading List

Lloyd's LAw Reports

Maritime & Commerical Law